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инструкция nikon ml l3 Apex Tactical recently released a flat-faced trigger for the Sig P320 and we jumped at the chance to try it out. The trigger is an easy, drop-in job that does not change any springs or components other than the trigger shoe itself. Some people may like this fact, simply because they are not lightening up their defensive gun’s trigger to be ‘too light’, but that is subjective to each user.

http://liholly.com/uploaded/instruktsiya-po-ekspluatatsii-drobestruynogo-apparata-clemco.html инструкция по эксплуатации дробеструйного аппарата clemco The flat trigger, “Flatty”, gives great feel under the finger and offers a very wide, stable area for the trigger finger. The Apex trigger seems to let you shoot faster, possibly due to the change in leverage/fulcrum point, and feels like it has significantly less over-travel than the stock P320 unit (which is already quite good).

For an average price of under $50 the Apex Tactical P320 trigger is a must have for an easy, worthwhile upgrade to your gun!

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