In this video we will be installing the Templar Customs Fast Rail onto my RRA Bull Barreled Varmint Gun. This is an upgrade from the YHM rail that was installed at the factory with the special order. This rail creates a continuous rail and an innovative mounting method which seems far superior to the threaded barrel nut and counter pressure method found on most forearm rails. This install was pretty straight forward and is also extremely aesthetically pleasing. The detail of the machining and the fit and finish is beautiful. A micro-gas block and some light machining of the Templar barrel nut was required to install but that is due to the unique barrel contour of the RRA bull barreled guns.
To check out more about these highly crafted accessories and custom guns visit Templar Customs at

I also reference a few of my Youtube peers whom have either reviewed or assited in torture testing these as well as other products from Templar. First, my good friend Brandon at the Surgical Precision Channel. To visit his channel for some great videos regarding precision long range shooting you can visit his You Tube page at

Brandon is also a dealer for Templar products, so he can answer any questions you may have about these or other accessories offered by Templar.

The second reference is to the Jedi Majic channel. He has some great footage of Templars innovative recoil brake in a 50 Beawolf full auto. Give him a look to see the field performance of these offerings.

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