Ares Armor Rudius 80% 1911 Frame & Jig @ Shot Show 2015 – prepperkip

The 1911 Rudius Frame is a Billet made from stress proof 1144 steel to increase strength and reduce residual stress. The 80% 1911 Rudius Frame is the perfect project for an at-home build. This build a firearm product is not a complete firearm until you decide to make it one. To complete the 1911 Rudius frame all that need be done are: (1) slide rails; (2) barrel seat; and (3) three rear pin holes.

The new Enhanced Rudius 1911 Jig makes machining your Rudius 80% 1911 even easier. Included with every Enhanced Rudius Jig is a set of custom ground cutters specific to 1911's. First is the keyway cutter, used to machine your slide rails to the proper depth and height; and second is a ball endmill custom ground to proper radius for cutting the barrel seat. Also has a slimmed down primary top plate to allow clearance for the keyway cutter and now includes a second clamping top plate to securely hold your Rudius 1911 in the Jig while you cut your barrel seat. Still includes the hardened drill bushing for drilling rear holes installed. Every item and component in this kit is proudly made in the USA.
Due to the custom nature of building your own 1911 minor fitting and polishing maybe required after machining for the perfect fit. Tooling kit included.

New slim top plate for cutting slide rails
Second small top plate for cutting barrel seat
Custom ball endmill for barrel seat
Custom keyway cutter for slide rails
Hardened drill bushing