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This guide rod has been in the works for a while now. As I mention in the video I really felt there was no need to upgrade over the stock guide rod until my GSS jammed up with the guide rod munging into the inside wall of the spring plug. It was an easy fix and the problem never showed it self again but I ended up making a new guide rod. After doing some testing with this design, I feel that it might improve the reliability of you 1911 pistol since it allows for more travel when the gun is self loading. My guide rod design is based on the Dawson Precision Stroker school of thought. Another notable point of this guide rod over other after market rods is it does not require a special reverse plug or recoil spring. You can use the factory spring plug and factory recoil spring. This provides a lower price point for the user.

Please leave your comments in the video description with your experiences with this design.

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