Canoe Camping and Fishing On The Hyco River

Took my first canoe camping trip with a good friend recently.
Canoe camping is good fun. You can bring quite a bit with you. But still camp in a primitive setting. We hung our hammocks and slept under the stars. Fished and ate like kings. Maybe we drank some Pabst Blue Ribbon. The chiggers and skeeters were plentiful. Yowza! Worth it though. Enjoy our trip.
The Hyco River is a tributary of the Dan River, which is a tributary of the Roanoke River. All three rivers flow through the U.S. states of North Carolina and Virginia. In Person County, North Carolina the Hyco River is impounded by a dam, forming Hyco Lake. The main part of the river flows through Allensville, North Carolina (a township of Roxboro), on Gentry's Ridge and Mill Creek roads as it flows into Virginia townships such as Alton, Virginia, and Cluster Springs, Virginia, then combining with the Dan River.

According to the USGS the Hyco River has been known by the variant names Hicootomony Creek, Hy Coyee River, Hyco Creek, and Hyco-o-tee River.
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