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бланк инвентаризации кассы After squeezing the trigger on the subcompact CZ 2075 RAMI, I must say I am very happy with the gun. The 2075 is an aluminum-framed, subcompact (our test gun was chambered in 9mm), DA/SA.

The variant we had was the 2075 D (or BD) RAMI. The “D” gun comes stock with 3-dot night sights and a decocker.

CZ’s MSRP is right around $680 and in my opinion, you’re getting a lot of gun for that price. The trigger is very smooth in both singe, and double, action, and although the reset is a bit longer than I’d prefer, it is still a very crisp break.

The biggest downfall I found was the front- and rear-strap checkering; I felt it was too smooth and cause the gun to slip in my hands. The side grip panels are rubber – not my preference but they work very well – and they helped keep the lightweight gun under control during recoil, but again, I wish there was more ‘sticky’ on the front and back of the grips.

The hyper-low bore axis, typical for CZ guns, makes the slight bit of 9mm recoil very manageable and there is virtually no muzzle rise.

Great gun and I encourage any DA/SA fans to consider this gun if their in the market for a solid defensive gun!

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