JJ at RealitySurvival was kind enough to send me a video on the Dakota Hole Fire technique.
This is a great way to conceal a fire and also leaves very little evidence behind.
Weather you need to be sneaky or you just prefer a ‘leave no trace’ mind set. This is an excellent option.
JJ is the real deal. A former USAF Survival Instructor. He is legit!
Check out his channel. Learn stuff. Do stuff.
If you’re headed to a war zone like Iraq or Afghanistan in the near future (or are already there), whether a soldier, contractor, or civilian, you need to know this.
An aerated scheme for building a fire with little or no smoke is known by camping and scouting experts as the Dakota fire pit.As depicted in the illustration, two small holes are dug in the ground, one for the firewood the other for a draft of air. Small twigs are stuffed into the fire hole and then on top an easy burning layer of scrap is set. The fire burns from the top downward, dragging air from the “air hole” as it burns. Because the air passes inside the wood the CO gas is consumed burning strongly and brightly and with little or no seen smoke. The Dakota fire pit is a tactical fire used by the United States Marine Corps as the flame produces a low light signature, reduced smoke, and is easier to ignite under strong wind conditions.