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After checking into the hotel for the Double Tap Championship we decided to do a gear check. As usual I carry the smallest with my Keltec P3AT 380. I like the P3AT because of the after market belt clip that you can add to it making it fit inside the waist band with minimal discomfort. The other guys carry much bigger guns than I but to me, the comfort is not worth the trade off.

Of course we had to pull out the guns we were using for the IPSC match. They range from a stock Glock and S&W to tricked out STI 2011 style pistols both in Limited and Open divisions.

For the match I shot my custom Open gun chambered in 38 Super. Its a 1911 style pistol with double stack magazines for a capacity of up to 29 rounds per magazine. It features a compensator integrated into the barrel for reducing muzzle climb. For faster shooting and quicker follow up shots I have a C-more red dot mounted to the top of the gun. These reflex style sights are so much faster for target acquisition then ordinary sites.