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Putting grip tape on the side of 1911 frame has allowed me to better control the recoil of my 45ACP. That little extra grip for the weak hand does wonder for muzzle flip. You will be able to feel the difference with and with out it.

Each set of decals is precision laser cut to exact tolerances and utilizes a 3M adhesive that bonds to the gun very well, yet is not a permanent alteration to your firearm. Be sure and clean the surface of what you are applying the grip tape to with alcohol to ensure good adhesion.

Adding grip-tape to your weapon can greatly enhance the control and handling of your gun.

We currently stock grip tape for:
Glock generation 3 and 4 models of the G19, G26, G17, G22, G23, G24, G34, G35, G19C, G23, G23C, G25, G32, G32C, G42, and Glock Factory Magazine baseplates.

Smith and Wesson M&P, M&P22, S&W M&P Shield

Springfield XDm, XD Compact

Kahr P9, P40, CW9, CW40, PM9, PM40, CM9, CM40, P45

Taurus Millennium NON-PRO PT111 / PT140, PRO PT111 / PT140 / PT145

Canik 55 TP9

Keltec P3AT/P-32

1911 and 2011 Framed pistols

Shockbottle basepads