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Two of the biggest names in firearms faceoff in a whole new, striker fired way! We are wringing out the new HK VP9 against the Sig Sauer P320…it's going to be close!

The VP9 is HK's first striker fired gun since the P7, nicknamed the "Squeeze Cocker", and the P70, both of which date from the 1970s to 2008. The VP9 is built on the popular HK P30 polymer frame, and encorporates off of the ammenities one would expect from the high end German company.

The HK VP9 comes with fully ambidextrous controls, luminescent sights, intuitive trigger safety, and easily one of the most customizable grip designs seen yet. The VP9 allows the user to not only change the backstrap size, but also the left and right grip pannels independently. This versatility enables 27 different grip configurations…there is NO hand that the VP9 won't fit into. When I say "fit into the shooter's hand" I mean, you feel as though you're putting on a perfect-fitting leather glove. The HK VP9 is easily one of the most comfortable, if not THE most, handguns I have held.

But the new HK can't just walk in and steal the show…

As you know, I am a huge fan of the Sig Sauer weapons, including their P320. The Sig P320 is their first-ever attempt at a striker fired gun, and they hit a home run! The new Sig offers one of the nicest striker fired triggers on the market, factory night sights, and complete modularity that allows for changing calibers, frames, and more with ease and low cost!

Check out our review of the Sig P320 here:

These are some heavyweights in the striker fired market right now and I recommend checking them both out!

This video is not designed to be an instructional video. It is a physical demonstration and review the HK VP9.

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