How to Install Sights on a Springfield Armory XD, Advantage Tactical with Firefly insert first look

In this video we will be installing a set of Advantage Tactical sights onto my Springfield Armory XD45 service.
AS you may know Springfield XD sights are notoriously hard to remove and install for the novice as a DIY project. In this video we will cover a lot of the pitfalls that render this job difficult. I will discuss how you can get the sights out without highly specialized and expensive tools as well as cover the installation which would be similar for all dovetail type sight retention means.
Advantage Tactical is the sight set I have chosen for my personal gun after doing several installs and really taken some time to familiarize myself with the product. For my ageing eyes these oversized sights are perfect for me. Lastly, I give a quick preview of another video we have in the works for the firefly inserts now being offered by Advantage Tactical. These firefly insert's are a self laminating material which is so incredibly bright they truly make tritium night sights seem dull in comparison. The firefly inserts will be discussed in a separate video but you have to see this product to believe it. Truly impressive.
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