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The Sig Sauer 1911 MAX is hands down one of the most incredible 1911s I have ever shot. Actually, it is one of the most incredible handguns I have had the privilege of shooting. From the race-ready fiber optic/blacked out (and fully adjustable) rear sights down to the Ice magwell – that is nearly as wide as the Grand Canyon itself – and every piece in between…this gun is literally incredible!

The Hogue Chainlink grips and hyper-aggressive front/rear strap checkering leave the gun no chance of rolling out of your grip during fast, hard shooting; and the flat faced, textured trigger keeps your ‘tickle digit’ glued into place and begs to be shot faster and faster.

The MAX is available currently in 45ACP and 40S&W – our test gun was chambered in .40. Neither of these two, typically snappy rounds cause an issue with recoil control. I feel this is due to the excellent ergonomics/traction of the gun as well as the fact that is a full size, all-metal 1911. My only thought to the caliber options list is…make one in 9mm!
Although the price tag ($1,500-1,700-ish depending on where you go) may be intimidating to many people, those dedicated to USPSA or in search of a truly top-tier range toy will find that the cost of the Sig 1911 MAX is well worth it!

We had a great couple of days at the range with the Sig Sauer 1911 MAX and want to thank our friends Bruce and Betty for lending it to us for this review!

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