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Let’s take a close up look at the N.O.R.B. (No Ordinary Range Bag) from OffHandGear. This is an awesome bag that is made in the USA. The bag we’re looking at is a Kryptek Typhon design. The NORB is an incredibly rugged and durable bag. It has a large main compartment that can hold all of the gear necessary for a trip to the range…including your holster, magazine holders, and a few hundred rounds of ammo. The NORB also has two separate, lined compartments for holding up to 2 full size handguns. The bag also comes with a zipper stitched into the flap that allows for an easy and quick access to your firearm if you needed it. The front face of the bag has two mesh pockets…one which holds a cell phone perfectly and another with a zipper closure to allow smaller loose stuff to be contained while still maintaining easy access. The front face also has two elastic magazine holders sown in that can hold securely either single stack or double stack magazines. On this inside of the flap there is a non-slip rubberized coating on the flap that allows the bag to be laid down and used as a mat to place guns and magazines to prevent them from being scratched. Overall…the NORB is a great quality range bag that can easily hold everything necessary for a quick trip to the range.

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