I'm sure as most parents understand…part of being a responsible gun owner means to not let your unsupervised children have access to a firearm! One of the ways to help secure firearms is a gun cabinet or safe. I picked up this super cheap Stack On gun cabinet from a guy locally here for 25$. I would like to invest in a much bigger and more secure gun safe in the future…but for now this is closer to what my budget will allow! The gun cabinet isn't in the best of condition…there's some minor surface rust in one of the corners and scratches all over the ugly green paint…so I'm already planning on refinishing the paint on it to help seal it up. I was also thinking about adding some internal led lighting and some non-slip padding and felt to help protect my firearms a little bit while inside. BUT…what else can I do to make this cheap gun safe a little better?!? Leave a comment below!

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