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диагностическая карта долгопрудный вяжем крючком красивые цветы со схемами They say everything is bigger in Texas, including the AirForce airgun that bears the state’s name. The powerful big-bore “Texan” features a two-stage trigger that releases a sizable burst of air from its 490cc removable and refillable air tank, driving .457-cal. projectiles in excess of 1000 fps.

рецензия учителяна сочинение ученика образец расписание электричек ст родники Purported to be the most powerful production air rifle, 500+ ft-lbs. of energy is perfectly capable of hunting medium-sized game. As with any large-caliber PCP airgun, shots are limited due to the increased volume of air needed for operation. Accuracy is provided by a 34” Lothar Walther barrel, a sizeable portion of the rifle’s overall 48” length.

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