Shooting from a Helicopter "Practice for Aerial Hunting" – Aerial Gunnery


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Re-posting this video originally intended for my Competition shooting and gun review channel NicTaylor00.

Paradise Helicopters and bring together Aerial Gunnery where shooters get to fly in an MD-500 Helicopter.

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For my experience I drove to Temple Texas and got to ride in the front of the Helicopter with the pilot for 15 minutes while another shooter sat in one of the rear seats and engaged steel targets while we flew. After 15 minutes had passed it was my turn to take the gunners seat. My son was lucky enough to take a spot in the front seat while I shot. A forth person occupied the other rear seat and served as a safety officer and kept a close eye on the shooter to keep everyone safe. Shooting from a moving vehicle is difficult. Shooting from a helicopter is very difficult. The difficulty is compounded with the anxiety of actually flying in a helicopter, dealing with wired communication, wind, rain, etc… It adds a level of stress that I have not ever encountered. BUT the fun factor is so worth it. Shooting in stressful situations shows your weaknesses for sure. As I always say, "get out of your comfort zone and do a shooting match sometime". You will find shortcomings you never knew you had.

Paradise Helicopters also offers aerial hog hunts around Texas. Contact them for more information.