Jeff Quinn ( ) tests Ruger’s new Ten-Shot 22 Long Rifle GP100 Revolver.

The GP100 handles really well. The short lug barrel makes the revolver balance perfectly, and the double-action trigger pull is very easy to control. The single-action pull is crisp, with no hint of grittiness at all. The synthetic/wood grip feels perfect in my hand. This is a rugged, reliable, and wonderfully-accurate revolver that will last many thousands of rounds and still give excellent service. I have never seen a worn out GP100 357 Magnum, and am sure that continued use of 22 Long Rifle ammo will do it no harm.

I get to fire a lot of guns. If the bullet leaves the bore and goes where I want it to go, I pretty much like it, but some, I like a lot more than others. This one I love. This 22 LR GP100 is a dandy revolver.