Sig Sauer 22 Mosquito High Capacity Magazine Modification

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It's been a long time in the making and if you have been following me on FaceBook and Google+ you know that I typically ask for help on testing new parts (it pays to follow those sites). Well, with the feedback from those users I have a limited run of +4 followers for the Sig Sauer Mosquito 22 pistol. These followers easily install and replace your Sig factory 10 round follower and give you an added four rounds of capacity. More rounds mean you get to shoot more with fewer reloading periods.

NOTES: With the Shockbottle +4 follower you might be able to fit a 5th round in the magazine (15 rounds total) depending on your magazine spring. However, it may not be possible to seat the magazine with 15 rounds in the pistol with the slide closed. Also, the slide lock on last shot fired no longer engages.

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