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While deer hunting in Central Texas with my son it was evident that nothing of any size was going to come up to the feeder that we were hunting. So with boredom kicking in after an hour and one half of waiting… I turned my 7 year old loose on the squirrels that frequent our feeder. These squirrels cause all kinds of damage to the feeder and are a real pest. So I had no problem letting the boy take a few shots and turn this deer hunt into a youth squirrel hunt.

To make it more interesting he is using 22 tracers in his single shot Chipmunk 22 rifle. He is quite the shot with that rifle but keep in mind that all his shooting is done “off hand” with no rest.

This is a youth style gun with a shortened stock and short pistol grip for a length of pull that is more suitable for a child. These are great trainers for children interested in shooting. Once the rifle is outgrown by the kid, it will be an easy move up to a full sized rifle since working with the single shot and learning gun handling and safety will have been learned.

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