Stalk Hunting Whitetail Deer with the 300AAC Blackout AR15

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Join me on a nice walk through the Texas Hill country in some freezing temperatures as I negotiate the terrain in search of a white tail deer. On this walk I will pass by a couple of the deer stands and feeders that I filmed previous videos here on my TexasNative00 channel. Please give them a look if you have time.

I had my wife drop me off from the Jeep on the backside of the property so I could work my way back to the house with the wind in my face. With the resent rain, and super cold temps, the ground was nice and quite for walking. However, I took care to try and reduce my noise from foot steps and stopped frequently to view the area for deer.

For this hunt I am using my 300 AAC Blackout upper that I built on my NicTaylor00 YouTube channel. This upper has the following parts:

16 inch carbine gas system barrel from Sota Arms
15 inch Freefloat tube from Midwest Industries
Standard A2 flash hider
Areo Precision upper built from various upper parts kits
Surplus Arms Chrome plated Bolt carrier and bolt
Larue 1 inch scope mount
3-9×40 Leupold VX2 scope with BDC reticule

My loads are hand made using a 125g Nosler Accubond 308 bullet with about 14grains of H110 powder.