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On a recent trip to South Texas for predator hunting, I was requested to harvest a mature doe if I had the opportunity. So I brought along my swiss K31 rifle for the task and set aside my AR15 that I was using for hunting coyotes and other critters. I passed up many opportunities at some does until I was confident that I could make a clean kill. I have shot this rifle out to 400 yards and been able to him a man size target, however my confidence at a clean kill dwindles unless I am at 100 yards or less. Keep in mind that this hunt was for population control on a managed property and that a certain number of deer was required to be harvested.

Be sure and see the 2012 Year in Review video at the end of this one. In that video you will find lots of information pertaining to the TexasNative00 channel. It will be worth your while to see.