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Looks easy enough doesn’t it? In most cases faster than your average 1st person shooter videos game. But in reality, more complex and stressful.

The theme for the 2013 Double Tap Championships was the Movie series Men in Black (MIB). Each stage or course of fire COF had a theme based on some scene of the movie(s). Stage 1 is themed The Light of Zartha. This is the 1st video in a series of 13. Be sure and watch to the end so that you can click on the link to see the stage breakdown and scoring. You will also have the opportunity to click on the link to the next FPS video of the following stage.

In the stage breakdown I will walk you through the layout of the stage and discuss the order in which I plan to engage the targets for the best possible speed. Conservation of movement is crucial to decrease your time. Reloads are just as important and you will see me screw up one big time in this video.

Live ammunition is used in this video. No blanks or toys. This is live fire!