Walmart the largest seller of guns and ammo in the country has caved under the pressure from anti gun lobbyists and said they will no longer sale assault type rifles in their stores.

The retail giant also said they will cease sales of any guns that can carry high capacity magazines. Claiming sales of such weapons have dropped over the years was basically laughed at by serious gun owners. Walmart actually sells more guns including sporting rifles then any other retailer in the United States.

In fact in 2014 Walmart gun sales soared so much that the retailer sold out of gun inventory and had to even ration ammunition limiting customers to only three boxes per day. For years the anti-gun lobby has been putting pressure on Walmart to stop selling assault rifles and now they have succeeded.

Walmart’s weakness when it comes to liberal threats of strikes and picketing by left wing organizations should be a wake up call to gun owners shopping at Walmart. With so many other alternatives gun owners should be taking their business elsewhere even if we have to pay a little more. Please support those who support your rights under the 2nd Amendment.