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It was opening weekend of gun season and I passed up my trusty 6.8spc AR15 rifle that I normally hunt with to try and get one more bow hunt in before the guns start going off all around me. Fortune smiled on me when this 159 pound buck came out for a snack. Unfortunately he ducked outside of camera frame just as I pulled my string on my bow. One last check on the camera monitor verified he was not there on camera anymore. But this guy was too big for the Texas Hill country to let get away. Since I had pulled my bow back the buck gained another 10 yards on me. He was now at 33 yards and at the limit of my skills. But I was in the zone and wanted him. One last thought and look around… and I let my arrow fly.

I hit right where I was aiming with a quartering hit right behind the shoulder. He ran about 30 yards and crashed.